Pathways Hypnotherapy - Appointments

Terms and Conditions

Hypnotherapy sessions are by pre-arranged appointment only. Please try to be on time (no more than 5 minutes early) - being late for the start of an appointment will not change the end time (as a courtesy to other clients). If you are going to be late please let me know as soon as you can.

Free half hour initial consultations are offered in Benfleet, Essex, however these are not given for smoking cessation (quit smoking sessions) which incorporates a consultation as you already know specifically why you are there.

A minimum of 24 hours notice must be given if you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment otherwise you will be charged for the unattended appointment.

Payment is cash only.

I always work one session fee in advance so, when you are undergoing more than one hypnotherapy session, at the end of each visit you will be required to pay for and schedule your next session date. Your final session will already have been paid for so no further payment will be required at this point.

Smoking cessation sessions, lasting up to 2 hours approx., are charged at higher rate than the standard session because of the intense nature of the therapy. Your £177 investment includes one “back up session” (of 1 hour) if required, which should be scheduled within six months of your initial appointment. Smoking cessation sessions require a £77 deposit to schedule an appointment.

It is vital that you are not under the influence of either alcohol or recreational drugs when you attend a session. If you are you will be asked to leave and will lose that session fee.

Every client is considered on an individual basis and delivery of therapy is entirely at Victoria's discretion - no reason for declining to commence or continue with therapy need be given.

The fee charged for a session is for Victoria’s time and not the therapy that occurs within that time. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are natural practices and the effects may vary from person to person depending on the individual’s ability to conform to the process and any follow up care specified. Some people may find this therapy highly effective whereas others may find only a slight effect occurs. As a result no guarantee is given to the effects of hypnotherapy or hypnosis and refunds are not issued as you are paying for Victoria’s time and you will have had this.

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