Blushing and Stuttering/Stammering

Fed up with excessive blushing/Erythrophobia or stuttering?
Maybe hypnotherapy could help you!

Blushing can affect both men and women; it is perfectly normal reaction in anyone who is feeling a strong emotion, such as excitement, pleasure, guilt, anger or embarrassment.

However, many people suffer from excessive blushing; they might turn red at the slightest thing and often at unfortunate times. They may blush if someone they don’t know speaks to them or perhaps in line at the bank when they have to approach the counter clerk.

Hypnotherapy to help with blushing in Basildon, Essex Social blushing is usually a physical response to anxiety and occurs when an excess amount of blood flows into the small blood vessels that are located just below the surface of the skin. These blood vessels widen in order to allow more blood to pass through the vessels and to cool the skin; however the extra blood flow turns the face red, causing the sufferer to become even more anxious and become even redder still.

When excessive blushing occurs a phobia can often develop which may then cause the sufferer to actually fear the blushing happening - this is called Erythrophobia. People with erythrophobia cannot control their blushing and tend to become more anxious or stressed by the fact that other people might notice their blushing; often resulting in them blushing even more. Whilst blushing will not do you or your skin any harm, chronic sufferers can become trapped in a vicious circle where their fear of blushing can start to affect their lives on a variety of levels – social life, work, personal relationships etc.

Areas where blushing commonly manifests itself include:
  • the face
  • ears
  • neck
  • upper chest

Hypnotherapy for fears and phobias in Basildon, Essex As well as causing the skin to redden, blushing can sometimes make the affected area feel warmer. Some people who have facial blushing may also sweat excessively, particularly in the face or hands. This condition is known as hyperhidrosis.

Sometimes, blushing can be associated with certain medical conditions so it is always wise to get your GP to check!

If you are motivated to stop excessive redness ruling your life then hypnotherapy for blushing could help you deal with anxiety and manage your stress, by working with your subconscious mind to aid relaxation and help you resolve any underlying emotional issues to try and help you to make blushing a thing of the past.

Hypnosis could also help to build your confidence and develop more assertiveness so that you are less prone to feeling sensitive and respond by blushing.

Hypnosis could help you learn to control your stammer or stutter

Hypnotherapy for stuttering and stammering in Basildon, Essex Stuttering or stammering is a problem with the normal flow and timing of speech. Someone who has a stutter might experience a complete block on speech where they just can't get a specific word out, they may repeat a certain syllable or they may prolong a sound. Stammering or stuttering generally begins in childhood, and tends to affect more boys than girls.

There is no specific cure for stuttering, but there are many therapies that could help with the problem including hypnotherapy. If you are concerned about having a stutter you should always speak to your GP who can refer you to a speech therapist if necessary - they can advise on different therapies which might help alleviate the stammer.

Clients with a stutter or stammer can often speak perfectly normally when under hypnosis showing no trace of a stammer; their conscious mind can be distracted and not concentrating on their speech patterns but this does not apply to everyone. Stuttering can be triggered or made worse by different stimuli, hypnotherapy could help to reduce the impact of these triggers by teaching relaxation, building confidence etc.

Sometimes the start of stuttering can be linked to a psychological trauma or experience and analytical hypnosis can also be used to go back to the time when the stuttering first began, and help you to deal with the issue which may have first triggered the stutter.

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