Stress and Anxiety

Are you stressed and tense? Tired of anxiety ruling your life?
Relaxing hypnotherapy in Benfleet could help you de-stress and deal with anxiety.

People of any ages can suffer from stress and anxiety; there are many things that happen in our lives which push our stress levels to the max and our everyday lives are full of decisions, demands, pressures and frustrations.

Hypnotherapy for stress and anxiety in Benfleet, Essex Stress is your natural response to pressure; normally (when it is functioning correctly) the stress response helps you stay focussed, alert, helps you meet challenges and can improve both performance and quality of life, to a certain point, but anything beyond that and it can stop being a beneficial tool and start to have a harmful affect on your health, your mood, your efficiency and your relationships.

You may know what is that is causing you to be stressed and anxious or you may not; it could be an event in your past or maybe something in the present. You might believe that the most tremendous stress is caused by from major traumas like a car crash or physical attack. However constant, everyday stress and anxiety can be just as harmful; continual minor challenges can wear you down, whether you realise it’s a problem or not. Stress occurs when people worry that they can't cope with excessive pressures or other demands that are placed on them.

  • Do you find it difficult to concentrate because you feel like you can’t cope?
  • Are you often moody and/or distracted?
  • When you feel tense can you calm yourself and relax easily?
  • Can you let go of frustration or anger easily?
  • Can you turn to others when you are stressed to help relax you?
Hypnosis for anxiety and stress in Basildon, Essex Hypnotherapy could be a great tool to help you to relax and the therapeutic techniques utilised will help you to manage stress and can assist you in improving your ability to deal with things in a calmer, more productive way to ensure you get the very best out of life.

If you want to help yourself alleviate your unwanted stress then hypnotherapy could help you take charge of your thoughts, your emotions and the way you deal with situations. It also helps to ensure that you are taking care of yourself by making time for therapeutic rest and relaxation. So contact me today to see how Benfleet hypnotherapy could help you.

A Few Stress Facts and Figures.

In 2009/10, an estimated 9.8 million working days were lost through work-related stress. Plus musculoskeletal disorders and stress were the most commonly reported illness types.- UK Health & Safety Executive.

Hypnotherapy for stress and anxiety in Basildon, Essex Six out of ten of people (62%) in GB (71% of women) (52% of men) have had at least one time in their life where they have found it difficult to cope mentally. Plus stress (70%), anxiety (59%) and depression (55%) were the three most common difficulties encountered by the public. (Research March 2010) Together - Leading Mental Health Charity

The majority of Britons do nothing to combat stress and opt to live with it; half of respondents said they felt stressed at least once a week and one in five (21%) every day, nearly two-thirds (63%) admitted they would not take any steps to deal with stress. (Survey November 2010) The Mental Health Foundation.

Dr Andrew McCulloch, chief executive of the Mental Health Foundation, said: "The economic costs of unmanaged stress are huge and increasing - 11 million lost working days a year at the last count - while the personal costs for those who experience it, and their families and friends, is of equal concern. Unmanaged stress can additionally develop into mental health problems, such as depression, as well as increasing the risk of physical problems, such as heart disease." November 2010

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