Virtual Gastric Hypno Band

Gastric Band Hypnosis in Benfleet, Essex - the virtual "no surgery" option

Public interest in gastric bands has increased greatly recently due to celebrities such as Fern Britton who have publicly admitted they have had the gastric band or stomach band procedures to lose weight.

Hypnotherapy - hypnotic gastric band - hypno band A Virtual Gastric Band, also known as Gastric Band Hypnotherapy (or Hypnotic Gastric Band, Hypno Bands and Non-surgical Gastric Band), utilises psychotherapy and hypnotherapy techniques to make use of your own motivation to change combined with positively phrased and worded suggestions that take root in the subconscious mind and which you are then able to act on.

Its aim is to convince your subconscious that you have had a Virtual Gastric Band fitted where you could feel all of the sensations without any of the risk or discomfort of a Surgical Gastric Band and you could still lose weight.* No method of weight-control will work unless YOU really want it to. You have to be prepared to change bad eating habits, keep control of your calories and adjust your life-style.

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Common Triggers for Over-Eating

To many people overeating means bingeing and for others it means consuming more than intended. Most people overeat for many different reasons - some of the commonest are listed here.

How many apply to you?
(This list is not exhaustive and you may have other triggers.)
  • Boredom
  • Feeling deprived i.e. when dieting
  • Feeling unhappy with the way you look
  • Habits
  • Lack of energy and feeling tired
  • Needing love and comfort
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Feeling upset and hurt

The Virtual Hypnotic Gastric Band

The processes available are;

Option 1 With full personal telephone back-up and a hypnotic “Virtual Adjustment”.

A Full Cressingham Virtual Hypnotic Gastric Band TM
This aims to give the feeling of a stomach that is full when you have consumed about a cup/mug of food/drink. This could be ideal for those that consider themselves to be very overweight or want to lose a lot of weight quickly. It’s aim is that you will be able to consume 3-4 mugs of food per day.***

A 'Half' Cressingham Virtual Hypnotic Gastric BandTM
This aims to give the feeling of a stomach that is full when you have consumed about half of an adult portion of food, (average child's meal)***. This is ideal for those that are not grossly overweight but want to lose weight - this process is less severe.

Option 2 As Option 1 but with no 1-2-1 personal back-up or hypnotic “Virtual Adjustment”. Back-up CD only.

Hypnotic gastric band or gastric band hypnotherapy in Essex The hypnotherapy processes are usually completed in just one full day! It can be done over 2-3 sessions if you prefer. Please note the best results are with those completing stages 1 to 5 in a single day.

The Process in Detail - Steps 1 to 5

The process of 'mentally implanting' a Cressingham Virtual Gastric Band(TM) and 'Half' Band consists of up to 6 stages:

1) Initial consultation - FREE of charge

This session lasts between 45-60 minutes - only those that I feel will be able to cope with the hypnotherapy techniques and will be able to follow the aftercare/nutritional guidelines will be admitted to the programme. You will be told at the end of the session if you have been accepted.When you have been accepted you will follow the following programme. There are slight variations on the programme format; these are detailed on the following page.

2) First Session (1 hour)

During this session I will ask many questions about your relationship with food. We will work out what you need to do to eliminate trigger problems and limiting beliefs you have, so you are able to move forward with your life and could be successful with the Virtual Hypnotic Gastric Band.

3) First Treatment Session (1-2 hours)

Hypnotherapy - hypnotic gastric band - hypno bandThis is where the hypnotherapy begins. An individual programme will have been designed to help you eliminate any blocks to why you have not succeeded in weight loss previously. It will also help you to deal with: any bad eating habits you may have and/or overeating triggers. It will also help boost your inner resources and confidence.

4) Second Treatment Session (1-2 hours)

Virtual Gastric Band/'Half' Band “virtual implantation”. I introduce the concept of you being full on a small amount of food, this helps you to mentally ‘shrink’ your stomach. We then go on to creating the Cressingham Virtual Hypnotic Gastric Band(TM).

5) Full Dietary Programme (up to 1hour)

Choose between Option 1 & Option 2 for the most appropriate method for you!

Option 1 - £425

Steps 1 – 5 plus:
  • Follow-up Sessions (max 60 minutes, if required) of 1 or 2 30 minute telephone follow up sessions to help with any questions you may still have.
  • Hypnotic “Virtual Adjustment”: When you have lost the weight you require just book your appointment to have the 'virtual band' moved so that you can eat more but only enough to maintain weight. (60 minutes).

Option 2 - £325

Steps 1 – 5 plus
  • Specially created back-up CD to listen to should any problems arise.

Succeeding after Virtual Hypnotic Gastric Band Implantation

Hypnotic gastric band or gastric band hypnotherapy in Essex The long-term success of your Virtual Hypnotic Gastric Band is dependant on you being able to make and maintain the key lifestyle and dietary changes which are similar to those had you undergone the surgical process.

It is vitally important that you eat a healthy and balanced diet. Your meals will be small so every mouthful counts – all food you eat needs to be nutrient dense. The diet plans you will be given address these issues completely.

Eating Advice

You will be given appropriate nutritional information and advice before the procedure and during follow-up sessions if required.

Hypnotherapy - hypnotic gastric band - hypno band *Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are natural practices and the effects may vary from person to person depending on the individual’s ability to conform to the process  and any follow up care specified.

***These effects will only occur if you allow yourself to accept the hypnotic suggestions fully and follow the after-care policy correctly.

N.B. I may need to write to your GP or other medical/psychological practitioner for their consent to you undertaking hypnotherapy. If they say it is not suitable for you I will not continue and any deposit monies will be refunded forthwith.

Hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy not an alternative therapy and not an alternative to mainstream medical advice. If you are categorised as obese or have a BMI (body mass index) of 30 or over then you should always consult your doctor before embarking on any weight loss program.

Virtual Gastric Band booking policy: all bookings will require a minimum 50% deposit or be paid in full or it will not be regarded as a firm booking. When cancelling an appointment I need to have 48 hours notice. If a rebooking is made there will be no charges incurred, if it is a total cancellation a 50% fee will be levied.

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