Weight Loss Hypnosis

Fed up with how you look? Want to see a healthier new you?
Maybe weight control hypnotherapy in Benfleet could help you!

'You need to eat less and exercise more!'

It sound so simple doesn't it? So why isn't it!

Hypnotherapy for weight loss in Basildon, EssexWhen you want to lose weight there are lots of permanent lifestyle changes you need to consider, such as incorporating healthy foods into your diet and exercising more - exercise is particularly important to make sure you don’t regain any lost weight. For many people that is a significant departure from their current lifestyle and one which is difficult to implement - knowing that you need to do something about it and actually doing it are two entirely different things!!

If you really want to be able to control your weight then using hypnotherapy for weight loss could help you to develop the added motivation you need to form new and positive behaviour patterns. You may want better health, to improve your appearance or just to feel better about yourself in general - as long as your motivation is a healthy one, it doesn't matter what it is!

Negative emotions may often trigger or aggravate existing emotional eating, but you can take steps to control cravings and renew your effort at weight loss. Hypnotherapy could help you understand and deal with any motivation behind your emotional eating and help you restructure negative behaviour patterns.

Emotions and food are often intertwined - emotional eating is often a major cause of personal sabotage where weight control is concerned. Major life events, such as relationship issues, job problems, etc or even just the everyday hassles of daily life can trigger negative emotions that lead to conscious, or subconscious, comfort eating which in turn disrupts your weight-loss efforts. People may turn to comfort food if they are stressed, bored, sad and lonely or facing any number of negative emotional issues and hypnotherapy could allow you to address these negative, destructive emotions.

Food can also provide a distraction – so instead of dealing with a painful or emotional situation you might focus on eating. Some people might eat less when faced with emotional distress, but other may turn to impulsive over-eating. Eventually you might condition yourself to such an extent that you find yourself automatically reaching for sweets or crisps when you are stressed without even considering what you are doing or enjoying what you are eating.

Weight loss hypnosis in Basildon, Essex - motivation for diet and exercise Whatever your reasons for over-eating it won’t ever help get rid of the emotional stress, in fact the more your emotions cause you to over-eat, the more you will beat yourself up or feel guilty about your weight control problem, so you feel bad about yourself and overeat again – this an unhealthy cycle but if you want to change it then weight control hypnosis could help you.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss and weight control in Basildon, EssexHypnotherapy is a complementary therapy not an alternative therapy and not an alternative to mainstream medical advice. If you are categorised as obese or have a BMI (body mass index) of 30 or over then you should always consult your doctor before embarking on any weight loss program & have written permission from them to proceed with complementary hypnotherapy to help with weight loss. If you want to lose body fat you will also need to regulate your diet and exercise regime under the supervision of a healthcare professional.

Sometimes it may not seem like “the right time” to start a weight loss program so what is it that’s holding you back? Do you have obstacles you need to face first? Hypnotherapy could help you to address your feelings toward weight loss or work through any issue you have about your willingness to commit to making the necessary lifestyle changes. The sooner you do that then the sooner you can make a start on your healthier new lifestyle!

Don't let the stresses and strains of everyday life become an excuse, there will always be something else going on in your life & there will never be an absolutely ideal time….. so just do it! Contact me today to schedule your free weight loss hypnotherapy consultation in Benfleet, Essex. I am within easy reach of Basildon, Southend and Chelmsford.

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